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Since 1998, Bunch of Cowboys has a long history of providing business and education solutions across LAN, WAN, and WLAN – with the experience and business customer stories to prove it.


Dale Harper
Dale Harper

Most recently (September 2017) the City wide Public Wi-Fi solution design and planning was completed for The City of Gold Coast. Phase 1 for the City’s Public Wi-Fi network (across priority precincts across Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Southport, and Coolangatta) is on track for completion in time for the Commonwealth Games 2018.

Going back to 1995 I (Dale Harper – Owner) while at Fujitsu, remember receiving the beta of Microsoft Windows NT version 3.1 (the very first Microsoft Windows Server product – ever) and marvelling at the effrontery of Microsoft –  going up against the then dominant Novell Netware server operating system. IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi was still 4 years away with 802.11a/b introduced in 1999. Ever since, wireless connectivity has been ramping up to finally compete with wired networks, and will soon eclipse cabled network connectivity as the world goes wireless-first.

Bunch of Cowboys has a long and deep compute, storage, and networking story. We saw the Cloud coming early, and were one of the first Google Apps partners in Australia. Now everything old is new again with edge computing making its case for a resurgence as we build solutions that depend on ridiculously low latency.

Today we’ve been instrumental in Australia recognising the critical role wireless solutions play in connecting business and education. The world has unplugged, and demand is accelerating for wireless solutions that scale, are robust, reliable, are easy to manage, and secure.



Bunch of Cowboys


“Alchin Long Group has been working with Bunch of Cowboys for several years now since the implementation of Google Apps for the business.

Dale Harper at Bunch of Cowboys is very knowledgeable and handled every email migration across the Alchin Long group of companies with professionalism and with minimum impact to the business.

Bunch of Cowboys are always willing to help and will guide you in every situation no matter how big or small. I’m very happy with the service we received from Bunch of Cowboys and happy to recommend them to your next IT project. ”

Posh Gardiye – IT Manager
Alchin Long Group

“Bunch of Cowboys have provided comprehensive IT services to the Boston University Sydney Program over the last 5 years. Ahead of us moving into a new premises in 2011 Dale Harper was able to accurately assess our needs and then oversee and implement these requirements.

From provisioning and maintaining network cable and wireless infrastructure, hardware and software, to a customised ongoing support program, Bunch of Cowboys continue to provide us with a complete solution for all of our IT needs.”

Mark Connellan – Program Director
Boston University Sydney

“NBCS uses Bunch of Cowboys to enhance and complement our in house IT services. They have provided leadership in upgrading and optimising our enterprise server environment, in significantly improving and managing the wireless networking, in our move to cloud computing and in upgrading our telephone systems to VoIP and SIP.

Bunch of Cowboy’s strong technical skills and up to date IT knowledge and advice are invaluable to the IT strategy of NBCS.”

Alan Schultz – General Manager
Northern Beaches Christian School, Terrey Hills, NSW

“We have been using Bunch of Cowboys’s expert services for the last few years and they have always met our needs. They are very reliable and excellent in their work. We recently had a security incident and Bunch of Cowboys were able to get our services back up within 2 hours. We also recently migrated to Office 365 and it went without any delays or disruptions”

Christie Jayaseelan – Financial Controller
Sydney RV Group, Penrith, NSW

“Bunch of Cowboys have been our IT gurus for over 13 years previously whilst I owned the business Luken & May Pty Ltd and now the startup luk beautifood – an online boutique business creating and selling make up made from healthy foods direct to consumers and via trade.

When setting up my online infrastructure Dale at Bunch of Cowboys was the first person I turned to recommend and implement a strategy for managing my ‘contacts’ and integrating it with best practice systems. Having previously used Act Today (yes back before 2003 pre sale of the Luken & May biz) I wanted to know what was in-the-cloud and what was best to build my new business on that was focused consumer service and would use an outsourced team to grow.

Without hesitation Dale recommended Google Apps and Solve CRM. Once inside and given a quick tour I could understand why. I was as excited as he was about the Google Apps integration and the ability to stay in your Google mail account to manage contacts + the activity ‘templates’ with scheduled emails for managing different types contacts…not to mention the tailored card set ups + tagging facility .

With so many ‘like’ products available and everyone in my collaborative space recommending the traditional products (Salesforce, Highrise etc) I had no hesitation in backing his advice.

Since using it I have recommended Solve CRM + Dale to set it up to at least 3 other businesses because I so believe in the product / service (not to mention it is a bit tricky to DIY) 1) Marinassess 2) Nourished Life 3) Alexx Stuart Luxury Tastings + Real Food – Low Tox Living.

Bunch of Cowboys make everything in the tech world so simple, easy to use and effortless. I don’t need to think about what I have when Dale sets it up – he just gets me & my biz to where I want to be. If EVER i need him, he is there and worth every dollar. ”

Cindy Luken – founder, food scientist and product developer.
luk beautifood